Oi Handsome

Oi Handsome

Oi Handsome (Japanese Movie)

  • Drama:¬†Oi Handsome
  • Romaji:¬†Oi Handsome!!
  • Japanese:¬†„Āä„ĀĄ„ÉŹ„É≥„āĶ„Ɇ!!
  • Director:¬†Masatoshi Yamaguchi
  • Writer:¬†Risa Ito¬†(manga),¬†Masatoshi Yamaguchi
  • Network:¬†Fuji TV
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date:¬†January 8, 2022 —
  • Runtime:¬†Saturday 23:40
  • Language:¬†Japanese
  • Country:¬†Japan


58-year-old Ito Gentaro lives with his wife Chizuru in a house in Tokyo. Each of their three daughters should have left home and lived well. However, their eldest daughter 28-year-old Yuka is single and doing well at work but propensity for affairs. Their 25-year-old second daughter Rika wedded a highly educated man and lives in Osaka but the couple are on the brink of divorce. Their youngest daughter 22-year-old Mika is also single and the moment she gets to start living on her own, she half cohabits with a man who does not seem like he will be a successful manga artist. Gentaro worries endlessly about his daughters who are poor judges of character. Completely ignoring their tastes, this stubborn, old-fashioned father suddenly brings a man whom he likes to the house in the middle of the night and introduces him to his daughters. In fact this man is Yuka’s ex-boyfriend. What will the family be like the next day!?


  • Kotaro Yoshida¬†– Kentaro Ito
  • Haruka Kinami¬†– Yuka Ito
  • Yui Sakuma¬†– Rika Ito
  • Rena Takeda¬†– Mika Ito
  • Megumi¬†– Chizuru Ito
  • Kenta Hamano¬†– Toshio Omori
  • Mahiro Takasugi¬†– Manabu Okura
  • Ren Sudo¬†– Yuji
  • Ren Kiriyama¬†– Mikihiro
  • Yuki Kubota¬†– Tatsuya
  • So Yamanaka¬†– Kusuyama
  • So Okuno¬†– Aoyama
  • Waku Kyoten¬†– Yamashita

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