8 Ways to Send Money to Nigeria from Anywhere in the World

Ways to Send Money to Nigeria from Anywhere in the World

Have you been looking for ways to send money to Anywhere in the World If so, you’ve probably come across many different ways to do so; however, you may have found it difficult to find the best way to send money to Anywhere in the World from the US, UK, AU and other locations around the world. In this article, I’m going to give you 9 of the best ways to send money to Anywhere in the World so that you can easily send money from anywhere in the world!

There are a ton of services out there that promise to help you send money for free and instantly. However, we believe TransferWise does it best. What sets TransferWise apart is that you can transfer across borders without having to spend more than a few minutes at a time sending your money. Plus, no hidden fees means lower costs for you and it’s completely safe. Nowadays it’s so easy to send money overseas with TransferWise. It literally takes about 10 seconds and all you need is an email address or bank account number in the country where you’re sending from (US, UK, AU etc.).
Another great thing about this service is that they don’t charge any extra currency conversion fees which saves me money every time I use them.
If you’re looking for an easy way to send money overseas then look no further than TransferWise.

Some countries have large limitations for sending money. In Nigeria, for example, sending money can take up to five days because it must be processed in a branch. At VIABOT, we offer an alternative way to send money using a recipient’s mobile phone number or international mobile billing account as the means of sending and receiving funds. All payments are free of charge. This can be done by following these steps 1) Open the VIABOT website on any device 2) Enter your recipient’s phone number 3) Enter the transfer amount 4) Select Send Now 5) Follow instructions on how to transfer funds 6) Mobile Verification 7) Confirm transaction and ensure that you are sending money through your local currency.

A common situation where people need to send money is for a family member in Nigeria. This can be for children’s tuition, living expenses, medical bills or any other reason. Of course, this is never a simple process and it may seem easier when you can do it in person with cash. But what if your loved one is out of town or you’re far away GETPAID is a company that will allow you to send money from anywhere in the world by using any phone. You’ll need some basic personal information about both parties recipient’s name, account number, bank name and routing number. That might seem like a lot but this helps you stay safe when sending money overseas as you can keep them secure behind their high-tech encryption program.

Western Union
By contacting Western Union ahead of time, you can reduce transfer time as long as your recipient is there on business days (Monday through Friday) during pick up hours between 900 AM- 500 PM. It is important to note that not all places offer instant payment and that transaction fees will be higher depending on how quickly you want your funds delivered.

International money transfers are quick and easy with ZAiDEA. Whether you’re in the US, UK, AU or another country, you can find a bank that accepts international deposits. Once your account is set up, you can send funds securely online by initiating a transfer to one of ZAiDEA’s partners banks in Nigeria.

Send money to Nigeria using Remitly’s mobile app or website. Remitly is a popular remittance service for families and friends sending money abroad. They have competitive fees, plus there’s no transfer fee if you are sending $250 or more (usually it costs $25). The company also makes it easy by connecting with local bank accounts in your recipient’s country so they receive their money fast and securely.

For every transaction, LACash charges an 0.5% service fee. A payment can be made through credit card or PayPal, and in either British pounds or US dollars. In Nigeria, once you receive a code with your remittance, you have to go back to LACash website and enter the code.

International money transfers made easy. Register, load funds and make a transaction in seconds – with Skrill, it’s easy to send money from anywhere in the world. Funds are quickly and securely transferred into your account and ready for you to spend or withdraw.

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