Soulja Boy – I Was The First Rapper Mp3 Download + Lyrics

Soulja Boy – I Was The First Rapper Mp3 , Download Mp3 Soulja Boy – I Was The First Rapper , Soulja Boy – I Was The First Rapper Mp3 Download.

Soulja Boy – I Was The First Rapper

Title: I Was The First Rapper
Artist: Soulja Boy
Genre: Hip Pop
Year: 2021

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Soulja Boy – I Was The First Rapper Lyrics

Yeah, Dre, uh
Yeah (woodsthatshard)
Know I just woke up and just bought the crib like, “Fuck it” (Oh, yeah, ad, let’s go)

[Verse 1]
I gotta get it even with niggas, I don’t wanna talk, what the fuck is we talkin’ ’bout?
The house was three million, my watch was three million, I tell them lil’ niggas to walk it out
I’m all in her kidney, I’m hurtin’ they feelings, these niggas, they talk what they talkin’ ’bout
But, yeah, all my niggas, we ran up some millions, I’m havin’ more syrup than a Waffle House
I’m outside, nigga
Yeah, choppas, they gon’ slide, nigga
Summertime, summertime when the time we outside, lil’ bitch
It ain’t really hard to find, check the sign on the switch
I was broke back then, but, baby, now I’m rich
Thirty years old and I ain’t go no little kids
All that I know, I wake up and go pay the bills
Call my business manager, I’m ’bout to pop a—

Pill, pew, pew
Pill, pill

[Verse 2]
Ill, I do this shit for real
Knocking all these beats down like I’m Holyfield
Take your bitch, she need a makeover
This is not no comeback anymore, this is a takeover
CC every rapper on email and tell ’em, “Break’s over”
His watch still ain’t frozen yet, I still ain’t got my roses yet
Why Kanye run for president? I should be the president
Six million dollar residents
I pop my collar like I am a fuckin’ pimp
Get rich or die tryin’ like 50 Cent
My chain, it cost fifty bricks, Drake?
Drizzy ridin’ ’round through the city and my watch cost two fifty
I pity the fool, I still keep a tool
I told you that I had the biggest comeback in the interview


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