Soulja Boy – Big Racks Mp3 Download + Lyrics

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Soulja Boy – Big Racks

Title: Big Racks
Artist: Soulja Boy
Genre: Hip Pop
Year: 2021

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Soulja Boy – Big Racks Lyrics

I’m ballin’, No NBA
No I don’t play in that game
Catch me in the fast lane
Grippin’ grain, Smokin’ stank
These bitches so damn lame
Since a nigga ballin’ they said I change
I ain’t done nothin’ but stack my change
Now I’m buyin’ chains, wearin’ chains
I’m so up its a damn shame
Couple months ago me & my youngas’ was doin our damn thang (300)
Hittin’ thangs
Totin’ thangs
Poppin’ thangs
Reloading’ thangs
We don’t play games
Me & my partner, we’ll blow his brains

I’m ballin’, No NBA
I ball harder than Bill Gates
I just seen a new bentley
I’m gonna get it, all grey
All these racks up in my pocket
That just make me go crazy
All these racks up in my pocket
That just make me go crazy

[Verse 2: Soulja Boy Tell’em]
50 racks in my pocket
I’m about to go dumb
Soulja Boy be ballin
On the court, like LeBron
I’m goin’ in with Ballout
Your girl see me, she fall out
I made fif-ty-k today
So tonight I’m goin, all out
New Jordan’s snatch that
Black cars, can’t match that
Stunt with the money
Better use ya head up in the streets
I go hard up on the beat
I keep them Jordan’s up on my feet
Nah, nigga don’t want beef
Thumbin’ thru that check
Word around town, we done went and bought a jet, flex (finesse)
I-I-I-I guess they figured out it ain’t no stoppin’
We cashed out this shit, like a bank rappin’
And in my hood, man my block poppin’
Respect me like a boss, or its bodies droppin’
Gu-gu-gu-guap God, 80 racks stuffed in my robin’s
Soulja Boy and Ballout they know we love money
Bum ass nigga, y’all ain’t gettin’ no money


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