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Shooting Stars


  • Drama: Shooting Stars / Sh**ting Stars
  • Revised romanization: Byeolddongbyeol
  • Hangul: 별똥별
  • Director: Lee Soo-Hyun
  • Writer: Choi Young-Woo
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: April 22 – June 11, 2022
  • Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:40
  • Genre: Romantic-Comedy
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

Oh Han-Byeol (Lee Sung-Kyung) is the head of a management firm’s public relations unit. She excels at public speaking and crisis management.

Oh Han-boss, Byeol’s Gong Tae-Sung (Kim Young-Dae), is the top actor at the management firm where he works. People admire him because he carries himself as a kind and courteous individual. Gong Tae-Sung, on the other hand, has a different side. He has a fiery temper and a strong will to win.

Oh Han-Byeol and Gong Tae-Sung have a lot of disagreements, but their relationship blossoms romantically.


Oh Han-ByeolGong Tae-SungKang Yoo-SungPark Ho-YoungJo Ki-Bbeum

Supporting Cast

Lee Jung Shin as Do Soo Hyuk

Kwon Han Sol as Hong Bo In

Ha Do Kwon as Choi Ji Hoon

Lee Seung Hyub as Kang Shi Duk

Kim Yoon Hye as Park Ho Young

Sojin as Jo Ki Bum

Ha Do Kwon as Choi Ji Hoon

Kim Dae Gon as Han Dae Soo

Jang Hee Ryung as Baek Da Hye

Jin Ho Eun as Byeon Jung Yeol

Shin Hyun Seung as Yoon Jae Hyun

Lee Si Woo as Jin Yoo Na

Jung Ji Ahn as Kim Mi Nyeo

Yoon Sang Jung as Chae Eun Soo

Lee Han Ik as Kang Min Kyu

So Hee Jung as Kwon Myung Hee


Source: AGB Nielson

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