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RXK Nephew – Early Age Death Mp3 , Download Mp3 RXK Nephew – Early Age Death  , RXK Nephew – Early Age Death Mp3 Download.

RXK Nephew – Early Age Death

Title: Early Age Death
Artist: RXK Nephew
Genre: Hip Pop
Year: 2021

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RXK Nephew – Early Age Death Lyrics

This beat make me feel like a terrorist
Walk in that bitch like I ain’t have no parents
I will tombstone the plugg on his neck
Slap the fuck outta bitch break they neck
They told I wouldn’t be shit
I’m in LA smoking Backwoods not a stick
Can’t walk in my shoes, they don’t fit
Every time I jump out I’m fresh as shit
*They said I’m gon’ die (?)
*Stab a bitch (?)
These niggas rap like they catch bodies
Walk in that bitch, slapped everybody
Slap the fuck outta you, you and you
Slitherman ain’t calmin down no time soon
Slitherman Activated
Slitherman he’ll (?) a nigga face
Ima change my name to “Slap A Bitch”
Ima changе my name to “I got coke, crack and shit”
Ima change my namе to “New Ol’ Dirty Bastard”
They said I’m a young Ol’ Dirty Bastard
All my neighbors hear is RXK
They like “why you screamin’ to the top of yo lungs?”
Glock scream at the top his lungs
Don’t talk to me bitch, talk to this gun
19 albums last year
Ima spend my YouTube money on crack
Ima spend (?)
Ima sign a contract and buy crack
Ima sign a deal, overdose on perkies
Ima make them people think life wasn’t worth it
Ima kill myself, come back to life
I will change my name and run on them niggas
I will change my name back to Rx Nephew
I will sign a different deal under Rx Nephew
I will walk in that bitch like “Fuck Interscope”
They like “Slitherman stop tellin’ yo business”
I’m like “hell nah this my withdrawal flow”
Slitherman might have a stroke
Off this goddamn Henny that I be drinkin’
They like “what the fuck are you thinking?”
This beat make me wanna kill people
My chain make people wanna kill me
I’d kill the nigga who made this beat
I’d kill my momma for having me
I’d kill my daddy for fuckin’ my momma
I’d kill my momma just for being my momma
Look in the mirror, just wanna kill that nigga
Body bag, I’ll get rid of that nigga
I was down bad, fucked up, wanted to kill people
In the trap by myself, all I see is dead people
I was eatin’ noodles my stomach was hungry
Bitch don’t even laugh if I said somn funny
They said I was low down chaotic and crazy
They said I was ugly like Biggie, fat and lazy
Ima say how I feel, 2Pac wasn’t a gangsta
That nigga 2Pac ended up being a rapist
That nigga Snoop Dogg was the first Tekashi
That nigga just used “Crip” just to be poppin’
He was never on Long Beach drinkin’ Long Islands
Man I feel like Kim Jong-Un with that rocket
One shot (?) like Benny The Butcher
My last chain was bigger than Benny The Butcher
Pap chain shinin’ ain’t no Benny The Butcher
(?) my pistol whip outcho booger
Pap talm bout he boutta go get dreads
I told him he look like the hood Sean Paul with dreads
I don’t use United Master I fuck with Distrokid
Put 20 albums through Distrokid
Trap jump like Kim K OnlyFans
I told my bitch “bitch, make a OnlyFans”
Beat a opp in his head with a Juicy Juice can
Slap a bitch with both of my hands
I made Unk (?) split on his head
This beat make me wanna stand in the corner
GTA, snatch a bitch out they foreign
Reach for my chain I ain’t going for it
I hate Impala’s and hate Ford Taurus’
I hate Nissan Altimas and Honda Accords
I hate most cars with two doors
Im tall as fuck, I need my shit custom
Trap look like “West Coast Customs”
Chains look like two monkeys fuckin’
You gettin beef patty with extra dumplin’s
Rings hit like Mayweather punches
Run out the store like Precious did
These niggas roaches ima use Raid
So much molly so much cocaine – throw a rave
So many beans in the summer ion feel the same
Ion pop E, then my mood change
I been depressed, down on my ass for days
I can’t even make a song without a E pill
Ima fuck my bitch seven times on a E pill
My neighbors keep hearing “RXK”
I piss them off on purpose everyday
I’m tired of livin’ at a fucking apartment
I’m ready to break into a bitch apartment
I grew up breaking into niggas garages
My chain look like I hit eighteen (?)
Break the bone structure outcha jaw
Like I’m from Atlanta, breakin in cars
Fuck a school driver, kick that bitch in
I don’t give a fuck, break in a nursing home
I’m tryna file taxes in a dead name
Fuck an ATM ima steal a Bitcoin machine
Ima put an ATM on the porch of the trap
I look like Connor McGregor if he was black
I look like Donald Trump if he was black
Joe Biden votes was fake ion wanna hear that
Took a stimulus and bought crack
I really appreciate Donald Trump for that
That’s the first time Unk seen twelve-hunnid
Every crack head got bands on eighteen-hunnid
Aunty want credit cause she got a stimulus
They like “Neph, stop talkin’ bout the simtulus”
They like “Neph, stop talkin’ bout SSI”
Bitch that’s like if Famous Dex stopped doing drugs
They say I was good as Michael Jackson was
Well guess what? That nigga OD’d on drugs
One time I got high and almost died
Couldn’t stomach the drugs, so I threw it up
Drunk water but it had molly in it
It was hot as a fuck and I ain’t even know it
I’m booted as fuck, forgot where I’m going
Amber alert where the victims going
All this speculation, dont worry bout me
I was smuggling in jail like Dirty D
Shoot that bitch up like Dirty D
Dirty nigga with a choppa like Dirty D
These niggas sayin’ the same shit as me
You not Neph, you not Pap, you not him, you not me
Don’t go and diss me, you not Pap
You not him and I’ll kill yo kids for that
I will diss you mothafucka, everyday
I ain’t got no friends and Pap the same
All these niggas be dick ridin’ they gay
They ride other nigga dicks and play 2K
These niggas wanna do the same beats as me
You can have Pro Tools, can’t sound like me
You can sell crack and do EDD
But you still won’t look like Pap and Me
Trap house look like Tinder
Unk met his wife and got married to her
They smoke crack I let em rent a room
Auntie where you live? I got shit to do

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