Ransom & Rome Streetz – Jet Fuel Mp3 Download + Lyrics

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Ransom & Rome Streetz – Jet Fuel

Title: Jet Fuel
Artist: Ransom & Rome Streetz
Genre: Hip Pop
Year: 2021

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Ransom & Rome Streetz – Jet Fuel Lyrics

[Verse 1: Rome Streetz]
Look, ayo
Really got no other option, just live by the code, and plot the hole
A pot of gold don’t have to compromise my soul
Pies get sold, proceeds is hundreds I fold inside a roll
Socialize a bowl, wise like-minded guys and hoes
Your eyes are closed, blind to the goal
You focused on the wrong shit, the morgue got a tag designed for your toe
I bought a bag, broke my grimiest foe, stay far away from it
I heard the hatin’ hard, I did amazing on my latest shit
Paint word pictures, peep how I illustrated it
Nobody illustrate facts, fuck who on your favorite list
I fire in they faces quick
I turned nothin’ to a fistful of franklins, stashed half and then I made it flip
Be with street corner dwellers, pack sellers
Countin’ dirty dough from all the dope smokin’ hellas
Born rebellious, nickel-plated pistol by the pelvis
Pull it on a peon and leave his shit melted
Whatever Streetz spill niggas felt it
Only associate me with green like a Celtic
Currency, with the pen I show you the beautiful side of ugly
Made it out the mud to the money and that’s [?]

[Verse 2: Ransom]
I got some skeletons in my closet it’s time to that I get rid of these bones
In the future the scientists’ll have my abilities cloned, get rid of these pawns
An ex drug dealer, and at a snap of a finger, I make a fiend spend his infinity stoned
I’m visibly grown, froze Philippe, flown from Greece
With a fade or a fresh Caesar in the city with Rome
Niggas fantasize how I live the life, scribble in they notepad
They so bad, underdeveloped with vocab with no swag, get toe tagged
You ain’t in my weight class, my style, you gone jack it?
I leave you stiff as a coat rack, you know that, control that
Emotional shit, don’t know how to hold back
I got it locked here with no Kodak, so hold that, that’s no cap
Synergy for the sinners
Some niggas love losin’, no sympathy for the winners
No empathy for beginners
I live with a lot of demons, inside is a dark force and the entity’s gettin’ dimmer
My energy’s getting bigger
A charismatic villain, shoot up the restaurant when my enemies gettin’ dinner, nigga

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