Ransom & Rome Streetz – Death Becomes Life Mp3 Download + Lyrics

Ransom & Rome Streetz – Death Becomes Life Mp3 , Download Mp3 Ransom & Rome Streetz – Death Becomes Life , Ransom & Rome Streetz – Death Becomes Life Mp3 Download.

Ransom & Rome Streetz – Death Becomes Life

Title: Death Becomes Life
Artist: Ransom & Rome Streetz
Genre: Hip Pop
Year: 2021

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Ransom & Rome Streetz – Death Becomes Life Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ransom]
I was told every soul that’s in hell suffers
I’m morbid like a soldier that’s headed to war, and givin’ his family farewell clutches
Never held punches, was never that nigga to sell crutches
I held grudges, so I couldn’t catch a break from them 12 judges
I see things clearer, a fiend in front of three stained mirrors
Each reflection givin’ us hope that all this street pain cure us
I know this bloody feel, ’cause life ain’t a movie for those who study real (reel)
Let’s cut a deal, you can run with the kings or fall at your buddy’s heel (Buddy Hield)
I love these thrills, straight nirvana
Ironic that most of you niggas who married the game was a maid of honor
Save your karma, my predicate fell and became a martyr
Made of armor, just like a terrorist looking for planes to charter
Blame my father, he wasn’t involved with Ran’
Delay me and my momma’s plans, but put this paint brush inside of this artist’s hands
Woke up and knew this shit was all a scam, why is there food to feed the obese while the starving eat out of garbage cans?
My targets ran, I’m huntin’ ’em down, son of the father Sam
My bars are grams, consumed through the air, I travel uncharted lands
Heir to the throne, I guess I’m first in line
You could lead a horse to the water but can’t make him drink it without a thirst for crime
I nurture minds, my thoughts are majestic, every verse sublime
You gotta witness the top to go through the worst decline
A diamond in the rough, what is it worth to shine?
‘Cause your money can buy you watches, but it won’t be able to purchase time

[Verse 2: Rome Streetz]
Ransom owns the funeral home, but the hearse is mine
The spot I got for you deep in the dirt is fine
Lay you to rest, the shit that I possess is nothin’ you could search or find
One of a kind, they all unrefined so they can’t fuck with mine
They hate I’m winnin’, never will me and those corny fucks align
Had to adjust my grind, started finessing dirty bucks on chime
Take it slime, you wait forever thinkin’ they gon’ give
Always knew the game was dirty like a rusty prison shiv
Got it by any means I felt that my options was limited
I popped it off, ’cause you won’t prosper being a timid kid
Not having my pops around had an effect on things I did
You ever seen a firearm poppin’ around, split a wig?
The body dropped down on the ground, and the shooter in the wind
All you hear is sirens in the town, it’s wild where niggas live
Had to change my way of thinking around when I did it big
What you after, the cash or the crown? Know the differences
The king’s crown turn to a guillotine, that’s just how shit is
The love only lasts for so long before they want you hit
Coppin’ out the chrome, don’t care about your accomplishment
Another rapper dies everyday, it’s all heartlessness
Rome and Ran’ like Ghost and Rae’, y’all novices
Criminology pays my pockets ’till I’m prosperous (Fucka)

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