Ransom & Rome Streetz – Dark Love Mp3 Download + Lyrics

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Ransom & Rome Streetz – Dark Love

Title: Dark Love
Artist: Ransom & Rome Streetz
Genre: Hip Pop
Year: 2021

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Ransom & Rome Streetz – Dark Love Lyrics

“I’m sayin’ what the fuck?”
“Take a deep breath, man, I mean take a long deep breath Knowing that if you pull the shot, we at war
I mean you ain’t gotta pay no price of buying no corners”
“Since when do we buy corners? We take corners”
“Yeah I ain’t no suit, no businessman like you, I’m just a gangster I suppose”

[Verse 1: Rome Streetz]
I scored sixty in the game, but I skipped the practice
I was in the weed spot, countin’ pink fifties, flickin’ ashes
Feel like I was made for the mic like old Pippen passes
Had to go through life and learn my lessons although shit was savage
Every skeleton in my closet, I got pics to match it
Blood bottom, kicks and ratchets, low jackets with the patches
You niggas out there of a different fabric, it’s plastic
My old A raps is pissin’ all over your last shit
And your new shit too, I served it to ’em loose
Hand to hand, gave the cutting tool crystals and them tissues
This dope you gettin’ from me too easy to misuse
Still I take your money, safe trip is what I wish you
No doubt about it, that blouse I make your spouse come up out it
She slide me the mouth and a couple thousand
I’m out for a money pile big as Yao Ming
You niggas been lackin’ style, none of you clowns can fuck with our thing
Went from dancing with the devil knee-deep in the game
Writing all of my passion and pain to critically acclaimed name
This shit and a bag of dope, you take it in the same vein
Easy to get the dough, takes discipline to maintain
Light the weed up and burn a Benji with the same flame
You artists all a part of my target, die when I take aim
My mind’s like a diamond, it shine like babies’ bling-bling
Free my niggas on the yard, hold the sword, then sing-sing
Bow, kiss the king’s ring, pay the homage
You novice wonder why them other rhymers is garbage
I made it out of the darkness, with the glow that was sponsored by narcotics
Wish I would’ve used all of my smarts for college
You niggas ass-backwards tryna understand, first start with knowledge
I rip apart all of you marks for dollars

[Verse 2: Ransom]
Ain’t no explainin’ my rhythm, he can’t explain how I did him
Sayin’ my name is a given, can’t see the pain ’cause it’s hidden
Never had love for the weak, they only see danger in livin’
I put these drugs on these streets, they put the ‘caine in they system
Foes see to cut up my teeth, but still not obtaining my wisdom
I don’t’ see nothin’ but grief, the shit puttin’ pain in my vision
I don’t want nothin’ but peace, but still I remain in this prison
Always gon’ land on my feet, I pivot and change my position
And if we want you deceased, we ain’t gon’ change our decision
Niggas will plan for defeat, ’cause they ain’t gon’ train for the mission
I did my thing in the kitchen, slang till it came to fruition
You’ll do the same if you listen, ’cause we got the same inhibitions
And if this came to attrition, I’ll blow your brains with the Smith-en
They’ll find your frame when they fishin’ I am insane with these writtens
My shit remains a religion, whether you raised as a Christian
Baptist or atheist livin’, I’m not a slave to your fiction
I’ve seen the marks of the beast, while walkin’ the darkest of streets
It’s why we don’t talk to police, ’cause power’s a painless addiction
Now could you name a musician willing to change the conditions
I’ll break the law for my peace, y’all niggas just came for submission
I never pray for permission, drive that’ll break the ignition
See through the heart of a priest, I think you should brace for collision

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