Ransom & Rome Streetz – Claudine Mp3 Download + Lyrics

Ransom & Rome Streetz – Claudine Mp3 , Download Mp3 Ransom & Rome Streetz – Claudine , Ransom & Rome Streetz – Claudine Mp3 Download.

Ransom & Rome Streetz – Claudine

Title: Claudine
Artist: Ransom & Rome Streetz
Genre: Hip Pop
Year: 2021

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Ransom & Rome Streetz – Claudine Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ransom]
Staircase scriptures and corner store dreams, I’m off the fourth green
I know four fiends, one name is Claudine
When she was fourteen, she worked on them corners where they made whores scream
For more cream she worked at Walgreens and kept the store clean
She ain’t the type of bitch you call queen, you want the smoke then she got all steam
She told me the plan, it sound like a raw scheme
I gave the bitch a lil’ morphine, and watch the jaw lean
So when we done it’s either more green or make it a sore scene

[Verse 2: Rome Streetz]
The devil showed me things that’d make the Lord scream
Dollars rule everything around me but that dope will surely bring your dreams
To life or a nightmare, in Claudine’s case
Turned all of her fine features to a fucked fiend’s face
That shit is crazy, I seen her go from college student to prostitution
Her life fucked up now, and nobody got solutions
Half of me wish she would stop the usin’
But the monkey on her back bring scratch so I cannot refuse it

[Verse 3: Ransom]
This shit is shaky, we should not pursue this, stop the music
Rock produced it, shorty would put us on the cop’s to-do list
One of her ex tricks was restless, he want her neck slit
She took him for a diamond necklace, I think she signed a death wish
You should’ve seen how she expressed this, she talkin’ reckless
She know the safe and where he kept it, you can hear she desperate
Where’s the exits? She even know where he appears for breakfast
Even disrespectful fearin’ respect shit

[Verse 4: Rome Streetz]
Just as I expected, she tried to be sly
But I’m way ahead with the plan that I put together to make her a dead bitch
The TEC is leverage, but I don’t even gotta let it off
She so dumb, she called a nigga that I knew to get involved
Tryna double-cross, her mystery gon’ be unsolved
Next time she cop a speed ball, cut it with fentanyl
That’ll bring a close to her story quickly and end it all
No need to hold a hoe for ransom, that shit’ll look random
Around here these fiends overdosin’ in tandems
Just another body, no one throws a tantrum

[Verse 5: Ransom]
Unload the handgun, let’s stop her breathing, lots of treason
Had the doctor screamin’ “Yo, let’s stop the bleedin'”
This bitch I do not believe in

[Verse 6: Che Noir]
Plottin’, schemin’, lookin’ for the man I usually cop from
Dark complexion, ooh I think I spot son
Baggy jeans and Timberlands, you can tell from his stance that he run the block
I stole and scraped for this purchase, but still ain’t got enough to cop
I was a prom queen turned to fiend
I walked to him he turned to me as I urge and plea
“Can you serve me please?”
He replied, “Bitch I don’t work for free”
“It’s a nigga tryna murder me, I got a way that you can earn some green”

[Verse 7: Ransom]
That’s word to me, I burn ’em like third-degrees in the Persian heat
Them niggas heard of me, I’m like Al Capone on these Jersey streets
I serve the beef, little does shorty know, ain’t no glory hoe
The nigga that she burnt is my man, wait let me call my bro
“Streetz, you know Claudine, that stupid whore fiend
That got you for them diamonds back in ’14, when you had the porch clean?
Yeah, she think I’m approachable, and got all these reasons I should be smokin’ you
That’s what I call treason, so what I’m supposed to do?”

[Verse 8: Rome Streetz]
“Rock the bitch to sleep, so lovely, son, don’t expose your moves
Really violate her like you do beats in the vocal booth
Tell her link up, the spot be only for a chosen few
Let her hit the bag, she gon’ sniff and start convulsing, overdosin’
Who gon’ find out? She lucky I ain’t say to blow her mind out
She get an open casket when she sign out”

*Phone Conversation*
“Yo, What’s good my nigga”
“Oh shit, what’s poppin’?”
“Yo, I handled that shit, you heard”
“That’s what’s up, that’s what happens when you love death and hate life”
“That’s a fact, so look, I got courtside at the Garden tonight”

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