NFS on Instagram: What Does it Mean and How to Use it


You’ve probably come across the acronym NFS on Instagram by now. It might be in one of your friend’s profile photos or in the comments of your favorite influencer. But what does it mean? And more importantly, how can you use it? Here, we’ll break down exactly what NFS means on Instagram and how you can start using it to show your support for the brands you love!

What does NFS mean?
NFS stands for No Follow Tag. You might have seen these hashtags while scrolling through your Instagram feed and may be wondering what they mean. The NFS tag is a way for you to use the same hashtag as someone without following them back. This is useful if you want to join in on the conversation without the other person knowing who you are. These tags can also help protect your privacy or keep conversations limited to people following each other. If you don’t want to see posts from this person, unfollow them. By adding an NFS tag after their name in your post caption, the user will not be notified that you’ve tagged them and, therefore, won’t have access to all of your previous posts. Keep in mind that the only way for someone to know about this tagging process is if they’re looking at your profile which doesn’t happen very often!


Why use it?
Using your creativity with NFS, you can post daily creative content for months without repeating a photo style. Not only does this make life easier when posting content, but it also boosts engagement by giving followers something new daily. Plus, you can use tons of boosts to share your content with more people!
All that said, the real power of using NFS is that it’s a great opportunity for self-discovery through the process of creating photography styles that represent who you are and what inspires you. It challenges how we look at photography and forces us to think outside of the box, which is why many photographers have grown as artists by practicing daily NFS-style challenges. While it may be difficult to come up with ideas for each day’s challenge, I’ve found that brainstorming ahead of time has helped me immensely.

How to use it?
Now that you know what an NFS post is, it’s time to learn how to use them. With an NFS post, the intent is for you not to share everything about your life with followers fully but provide glimpses into your day-to-day life. You can do this by following the three Cs of FNS: Context, Consistency, and Constraints.
You can share anything in the world if it’s related to your passion or interest. Whether it be a photo of where you’ve been that day, one of your art projects, or anything else that goes into making up who you are, there are no boundaries here! When crafting an NFS post, follow the three Cs of FNS: Context, Consistency, and Constraints. If you have something planned for later in the week, like a trip to Rome or something equally exciting, try posting some context clues beforehand so your followers know when they should tune in. It might also be helpful to stick with similar content (you don’t want people expecting photos from Rome and then getting posts from when you’re at home doing laundry) while still using constraints (no more than five images).

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