[Music] Young Dolph & Key Glock – Sleep With The Roaches


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Young Dolph & Key Glock – Sleep With The Roaches

Popular hip-hop artist, Young Dolph is back again with another interesting tune he named “Yeeh Yeeh” for Free Mp3 Download.

The song was dropped together with the Key Glock assisted tune tagged “Sleep With The Roaches” and is coming shortly after they released “Case Closed”.

Title: “Sleep With The Roaches”
Artist: Young Dolph & Key Glock
Genre: Hip Pop
Year: 2021

Quotable Lyrics;

[Intro: Young Dolph & Key Glock]
Let the BandPlay
Yeah, yeah (Yeah)
It’s Dolph

[Chorus: Young Dolph]
She a good girl but she a bad bitch
Ran up a check, bought some new ass and titties
I ran up my check, nigga, and I kept on flippin’
I got two cars in ten different cities
It’s a new year so I got rid of all the old shit
Even got rid of all my old bitches
It’s a new year so I’m lettin’ all you fuck niggas know
If you ain’t really with me then you could get it
The Maybach truck or the Lambo’ truck
Or the Double R truck, I’m havin’ decisions
But I don’t give a fuck about none of this shit, though (Nah)
Real nigga from the get-go (Yeah)
We used to sleep with the cockroaches at night (Damn)
Now look at my wrist, though
I’m a fresh nigga, I am
But baby, I’m sorry, I’m hard on a bitch, though

[Verse 1: Key Glock]
Uh, yeah, look at my wrist, hoe
I shine and ball like a muhfuckin’ disco (Bling)
Uh, diamonds dance like Sisqo
Smokin’ on Citgo, never on E (Uh)
Everywhere I go, I got the pole on me (Bah, bah)
Yeah, and I got these hoes on me (Yeah)
I make money, nigga, I don’t make peace (Uh-uh)
I be sippin’ on Wock’ and smokin’ on reefer (Dope)
Yeah (Bitch), and I be sippin’ on ‘Trece (Yeah)
And I’m still fuckin’ his bitch (Yeah)
And I don’t plan on quittin’ (Uh-uh, yeah)
My lil’ bitch ridin’ in the Benz (Skrrt)
My other lil’ bitch got a Bentley (Yeah)
And I don’t really care about friends
Long as I got them Bens with me
Franks and Grants and Jacksons (Woo)
I get it in, that’s a fact (Yeah)
We pullin’ up back to back, yeah (Back to back)
Rollin’ up back to back (Yeah)
I’m ballin’ hard, check the stats (Swish, uh)
Codeine, it help me relax (Yeah)
Street nigga with a couple plaques (Plaques)
But I got way, way more racks

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