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MO3 – Second Chance

Title: Second Chance
Artist: MO3
Genre: Hip Pop
Year: 2021

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MO3 – Second Chance Lyrics

This how a street nigga talk to God

I had some ups and downs
Who would have knew that I make it this far
All of my life they did me wrong
Time after time they left me ‘lone
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done some wrong
All by myself, I stood on my own
Without no help, they wouldn’t pick up the phone
Cause they did me cold
Somethings that I would never say
Like God I’m hurtin’ but I’m hurtin’
I ain’t perfect but I pray that I see better days yeahhh…
And if you love me, why you let these niggas hate on me this way
I need a break yeahh
He told me I gave you a gift
And with that gift I hope you change the world and elevate
So fuck who never stayed
And seperate

Sometimes I gotta keep it real
And tell em how I feel
But they don’t seem to understand
That God gave me a second chance
Second chance yeahh
Second chance, second chance
And I don’t need nobody
Just go get my money
Down on my knees
I got a blessing coming
Cause he gave me a second chance
Second chance yeahh
Second chance, second chance

Nooo weapon
Formed against me
Shall prosper
It won’t work

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