How to Reach Facebook Support via Live Chat


Suppose you’re having problems with your Facebook account, no worries! We know not every problem can be fixed over the phone, and sometimes it takes live chat to resolve issues. Here’s how to reach Facebook support via live chat.

What is Facebook Support
Facebook provides customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through their Help Center page, and in addition, they offer customer service through Email and live chat.
Here is how you reach their live chat team:
-Click on the Chat button at the bottom of any Facebook Page or on the right-hand side of your News Feed
-If there is no option for a chat, then it means they are not currently providing this service. The best time to chat with them is during business hours which can be found on their website.
-To contact them through Email, go to Contact Us from the top menu bar and choose Email Us from the drop-down menu under General Questions or other categories. Select one of the categories for your question or problem, for example, Privacy Issues or Password Issues. Then type in what you want to ask them about and submit your Message.


2 Ways to Get in Touch with Facebook Help Center
It’s been six months since the company switched its customer service department to chat-only representatives. You may not have realized this when you noticed a customer service number on the contact page, but there is no longer any phone support. As a result, many people are confused about how to talk with a real person on Facebook if they’re experiencing an issue. Thankfully, it’s still possible! Here are two ways you can reach out for help:
1) Get in touch with a live chat representative – Click on the Chat icon at the top of the page, then use your browser and keyboard for them to guide you through your problem. 2) Contact the company by Email – Go to Contact Us at the bottom of Facebook’s home page, fill out all fields required, and click Send Message.

3 Tips Before Calling or Chatting With Facebook Customer Service
Before contacting Facebook customer service, ensure you’ve spent time on the company’s website or using its apps. Don’t forget that you can reach out by phone or live chat if an issue is simple and straightforward. And if you have one, include a screenshot with your Message. You’re more likely to get a quick reply this way. For example, I once sent screenshots of my desktop and mobile versions of Messenger because I couldn’t send messages from my desktop. A few minutes later, I received a message from a Facebook team member who helped me fix the problem. He apologized for not being able to help before and walked me through the steps.

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