How to Login to Yelp with Facebook, Google Account, or Apple ID


If you don’t have an account with Yelp and want to start using this popular review site, you’ll need to create one. There are three ways to do so:
Logging in through Facebook.
Creating an account directly on Yelp.
Log in with your Google or Apple ID if you already have those accounts.
The first two methods are pretty straightforward, but the last one can seem complicated if you’ve never done it before.

We make it easy for you to access your account on our website. You can log in with your Facebook, Google account, or Apple ID. For example, if you don’t want to enter your password every time you log in from a new device, we will store this information for future use. To create an account, please click here and complete the registration form. If you already have an account, sign in as usual and proceed as you normally would. To reset your password, please click here and follow the instructions; it’s important that when requesting a new password, we know what type of security question and answer you want us to use for verification purposes later on down the line. Once you’ve successfully changed your password, could you change it to complete the process?

Guide on how to login
If you don’t want to make a new account just for one review on Yelp, you can log in using an existing social media account. Just follow these steps:
1) Click the Sign In link at the top of any page on the site and select Connect another account. Then select which option you prefer. You will be asked permission if you’re logging in with a new service or device that Yelp doesn’t recognize. It’s okay; they’re safe!
2) Follow instructions to sign in – enter your email address and password and connect your Facebook, Google Account, or Apple ID. That’s it! Once you’ve connected your account, all reviews submitted from this point forward will be associated with that social media account rather than creating a new one. You can disconnect your social media account by visiting your My Account settings page and clicking Disconnect next to the appropriate account type.

Login with Facebook
To log in with Facebook on your desktop computer, you will need the following:
-The latest version of the app and updated operating system.
-Your username and password.
-Internet access (WiFi) or cellular data plan. -An internet browser such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.
-Social media account that you can link to Facebook.
-If prompted to sign in, type from the drop-down menu and select Facebook. If not prompted, select Other and enter your email address and password for your Google or Apple account. Once done, click Sign In. You may be asked to confirm that this is you and if so, click Continue. You are now signed into your Yelp account through Facebook!

Login with a Google account
To log in to Yelp with your Google account, click the Sign in with Google button at the top of the screen. This will allow you to log in using your email address and password combination. Once you click on Sign in, the application will automatically redirect you back to the site, which displays all your review histories. You can also use this login information for other sites that require a Google account login. When logging in, some features, such as saving reviews, may not be available if this is not the same account associated with these features — Google takes steps for security purposes. If the user has two accounts (one personal and one business), they are asked which account they would like to sign into. A previous commenter mentions that they have three accounts. It might take some time to navigate the various options; however, you should eventually see a green bar asking What’s next? Clicking on Sign up will bring you to a page asking for basic contact information and filling out fields related to your account settings.

Login with Apple ID

Open the Yelp App 2. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen and tap on Settings 3. Choose Add Account 4. Tap on Apple ID and sign in 5. Enter a password for your account 6. Open Settings -> Social Connections -> Facebook and login 7. Return to the Home Screen and go back into Settings 8. Tap on Social Accounts 9. Select your social account 10. Return to the Home Screen again 11] Open the Yelp App 12] Log out by tapping on your name in the top right corner 13] Press Sign Out 14] Log back in using one of these other methods 15] Log in with Facebook: 1. Tap on the Sign-Up button 16] Fill out all required fields 17] If you are already logged into Facebook 18], please log out before logging back in 19]. If you’re not already logged into Facebook 20], log in now 21]. Continue to fill out all required fields 22]. Once complete 23], click Submit 24]. You will be redirected to the Home Screen 25]. Find and open the menu at the bottom of your screen 26]. Click on Settings 27]. Select Linked Accounts 28]. Tap on Facebook 29]
]. Enter your Facebook username 30] (email address) 31] and password 32]. Follow the steps listed below 33]:
To find this information 34]: 35 ]Tap on your profile photo 36 ]. Click Edit Profile 37 ]. Go to General 38 ]. Scroll down until you see What’s Your Name?

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