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Imitation Season 1 Mp4 Download

Imitation Season 1

Imitation Season 1 Mp4 Download

Ma-Ha (Jung Ji-So) is a member of girl group Teaparty. The other members are Ri-A (Minseo) and Hyun-Ji (Lim Na-Young). Since their debut, they haven’t achieved much success. Ma-Ha has received some attention due to her resemblance to popular singer Ri-Ma (Park Ji-Yeon).

Teaparty then takes part in a reality TV program, involving popular idol groups participating in sporting events. Ma-ha wants to catch the attention of viewers. Meanwhile, Kwon Ryeok (Lee Jun-Young) is member of popular boy band Shax. He is well liked and is good at singing, dancing, and acting. He is also focused on maintaining his success. He doesn’t like Ma-Ha, who imitates the appearance of popular singer Ri-Ma. During the TV program, Hyeok (Jong Ho) from boy band Shax gets injured due to Ma-Ha. Kwon Ryeok bursts out with anger at Ma-Ha. She also receives hate from other people. Ma-Ha doesn’t want to see Kwon Ryeok anymore, but they cross paths on TV programs and while performing in a drama series.

Season Number: 1
Air Date: May 21, 2021
Source: Imitation.S01.1080p.H264.AAC.WEB-DL-LoveBug
Subtitle: English


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