Dali and Cocky Prince | Korean Drama

Dali and Cocky Prince

Dali and Cocky Prince | Korean Drama

Title: 달리와 감자탕 / Dali and Cocky Prince
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2021-Sep-22 to 2021-Nov-11
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:30


Jin Moo-Hak (Kim Min-Jae) is the second one son from a family that runs the worldwide restaurant franchise company Dondon F&B. The employer commenced from a gamjatang (beef bone stew) eating place. He lacks education, however has an splendid ability to make money.

meanwhile, Kim Da-Li (Park Gyu-young) is a visiting researcher of an art gallery. She is the only chid of a prestigious own family. Kim Da-Li can speak 7 different languages and she has a great character, however she isn’t very good at doing family chores like cooking.

Jin Moo-Hak and Kim Da-Li meet without understanding approximately each other’s backgrounds and that they develop precise emotions for every different. because of an artwork gallery this is going bankrupt, they meet again as the son of a wealthy, uneducated circle of relatives and the daughter of a prestigious own family.


Main Cast

Kim Min Jae as Jin Moo Hak
Park Gyu Young as Kim Dal Ri
– Lee Hyo Bi (이효비) as Kim Dal Ri (young)
Kwon Yool as Jang Tae Jin
Yeon Woo as Ahn Chak Hee
Hwang Hee as Joo Won Tak

People in the art museum

Jang Kwang as Kim Nak Chun (Dal Li’s father)
Woo Hee Jin as Song Sa Bong (curator)
Ahn Se Ha as Han Byung Se (elite curator)
Yoo Hyung Kwan as Hwang Ki Dong (facility management department engineer)
Song Ji Won as Na Gong Joo (part-timer)
Lee Jae Woo as Kim Si Hyung (Nak Chun’s nephew)

People around Moo Hak

Ahn Kil Kang as Jin Baek Won (Moo Hak’s father)
Seo Jung Yeon as So Geum Ja (Moo Hak’s stepmother)
Lee Je Yun (이제연) as Jun Ki Chul (Moo Hak’s stepbrother)
Hwang Bo Ra as Yeo Ma Ri (Moo Hak’s secretary)

Production Credits

Production Companies: KBS Drama Production, Monster Union, Copus Korea
Director: Lee Jung Sub
ScriptWriter: Son Eun Hye, Park Se Eun

Episode Ratings

2021-09-2214.44.9 (18th)
2021-09-2323.64.3 (16th)4.5 (15th)
2021-09-2935.1 (18th)4.8 (18th)
2021-09-3044.55.3 (11th)5.4 (12th)
2021-10-0654.25.1 (14th)5.0 (17th)
2021-10-0764.65.4 (11th)5.5 (11th)
2021-10-1374.55.3 (14th)5.4 (11th)
2021-10-1484.65.2 (12th)5.3 (12th)
2021-10-2094.15.2 (13th)5.4 (13th)
2021-10-21104.54.9 (15th)4.9 (14th)
2021-10-27114.84.9 (15th)5.2 (15th)
2021-10-28124.65.4 (11th)5.6 (10th)
2021-11-03134.85.1 (16th)4.8 (16th)
2021-11-04144.35.0 (13th)5.1 (13th)
2021-11-10154.25.3 (15th)5.5 (13th)
2021-11-11164.15.7 (12th)5.7 (10th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

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